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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Kathmandu Day Tour allows you to spend your time in Nepal visiting its wonderful places of great interest where you can soak in with local culture and custom as well knowing the traditional life of Nepalese on this exciting Kathmandu Day Tour.
Kathmandu Day Tour certainly delights you exploring great historical and religious monuments of ancient times which are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites that boost the country to welcome world-wide travelers to see and witness its great treasures of ancient times in a day tour.
Most of Kathmandu day tour begins from morning by 9 A.M. till mid or late afternoon covering most of the important places in and around Kathmandu, although a metropolitan city full of busy life, but still retains it past heritage to this present day.
Tour leads you in the centre of Kathmandu city where you can immerse within historical sites of old palace courtyard, temples and witness local people with their daily traditional life, visiting its famous places of Kumari (resident of Living Goddess), Kastamandap Temple where Kathmandu name derived from as the temple was built from the wood of a single tree hence the name came ‘Kathmandu’.
Kathmandu day tour continues to west of the city visiting one of ancient sites and famous landmark of Nepal at Syambhunath Stupa of more than 2,600 years old with mystical all seeing eyes of Buddha, a place with grand views of Kathmandu city.
From here take a ride to eastern suburb of the city to reach at Bouddhanath with huge dome shaped Stupa with three tiers where visitors can walk close to the top with lovely views of surrounding market place, from here head towards a famous Hindu temple of Pashupatinath a lovely spot where you can observe interesting religious activities outside the temple premises.