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Treks in the far West Rara

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Trekking in the far West - Rara Trek

Treks in the far West: Wilderness adventures of a special kind…

Treks in the west of Nepal can be more hardy & different from treks in other parts of the country. The region is less developed and has fewer facilities available for the visitors due to its tough terrain. This makes trekking here much more of an exploration type and intending trekkers must be prepared for some delays and other hardships. It is also considerably more expensive to trek in the remote parts of the west. Ethnic groups of people seen in the northern parts of the area, particularly in Dolpa are of Tibetan origin. Other groups found here are Magar, Gurung and the people of the brahmin origin. The Common fauna seen in the region are leopards, Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep.

The most popular trekking areas in this region are Dolpa, Simikot and Lake Rara. The best time to visit is the traditional trekking seasons of spring and autumn. The northern parts are also suitable for summer treks. The region has not been developed to cater to independent trekkers, so all groups must be self sufficient, in all respects of the term.

This remote, rugged land of elevated open valleys, long rides, temperate forest, alpine meadows and virgin rivers was one of the kingdoms of the Khasa Mallas in the 14th Century. The region still holds the remnants of bygone eras, and one can find sculptured temples, stone pillars and carving. Rafting down the Bheri, one of the major tributaries of the Karnali River is certainly a most elating experience viewing the river Dolphins. The area has seldom been visited by westerners and the flow of water and drop of elevation is much faster and steeper than on the Trishuli and Sun Koshi rivers. These are the options you have when trekking in the far western region of Nepal. The ultimate conclusion of the trip, to Karnali Tented Camp inside the BardiaNational Park, is the highlight of any fascinating adventure in the far west of Nepal…

EncountersNepal has immense experience in this region, too, with some of its guides having been born on the steppes of the far west itself. Should you care to do a trip with ENCOUNTERSNEPAL; this will open up some fantastic realistic avenues in this region brimming with some of the best landscapes in the world.

Rara Lake Trekking

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