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Nepal trekking information for travellers its good to know an advance 

Types of TrekkingTypes of Trekking

Trekkers are dependent upon many teahouses and locally available inns along the trails. Trekking in this way minimizes the costs and is less affected by diverse weather conditions. It also offers some comfort on some of the harshest terrain ...

Eco-Friendly TrekkingEco-Friendly Trekking

Eco tourism activities have expanded hugely over the past two decades. It has now become an issue of global proportions with regards to the sensitivity of the environment we move in. ENCOUNTERS NEPAL has stayed the course in the field of ...

Trekking GradeTrekking Grade

Trekkers without previous experience are offered a diverse range of easy treks. The easy trek involves no difficult climbing or ascents to high altitudes and is usually less than a week & suitable for everyone. However, easy treks do not ...

Hiking and Trekking InformationHiking and Trekking Information

Encounters Nepal, in the course of its operations over the years, has sometimes discovered that visitors tend to be confused in making choices between Hiking & Trekking; in order to give our guests insights into the differences

How hard is Everest Base Camp Trekking? Depending upon your physical fitness and your previous trekking or outdoor experience, actually it is not that hard our itinerary day trekking on route is flexible with enough days with acclimatization ...


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