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Trekking in Nepal

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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal -The word  came into existence when the term was first used by British mountaineers to insinuate one walking at one’s own pace at a relaxed trot through well-established village trails enjoying close contact with people in remote mountain villages where lifestyles remain unchanged since time immemorial.
The first trekker to walk Nepal’s mountains was Bill Tillman, who trekked in the Annapurna Base camp Trekking , Langtang trekking and Everest base camp trekking regions having gotten permission from the Maharaja (Rana Prime Minister) in 1949…& since that time, trekking has been known to be the ‘king of all forms of adventure’ ever conceived…till date.
EncountersNepal has gone the mile to escort backpackers to some of the most enthralling trekking zones across Nepal & over the borders of Bhutan, Tibet & India for over a decade. As a pure adventure operator, the company offers two types of trekking in Nepal: fully organized trekking called ‘camping’ and ‘teahouse/lodge’ trekking.

What are the best treks in Nepal?
With a variety of trekking regions and routes the best treks in Nepal are:
1. The Everest Base Camp trek
2. The Annapurna Base Camp trek
3. The Annapurna Circuit trek
4. The Everest Gokyo Lakes trek
5. The Manaslu Circuit trek
Is trekking in Nepal safe?
As many wonder if trekking in Nepal is safe, it’s good to know that every year over a hundred thousand mountaineers trek in Nepal with only a 3% having any type of trouble. Trekking in Nepal is considered as very safe and every year tourists are successfully guided through the Himalayas!
When should I go trekking in Nepal?
For the best views and weather it’s good to ask; first when should I go trekking in Nepal? The prime trekking seasons take place in either March to end-May (spring) or mid-September to end-November (autumn/fall) During these months or seasons the weather is at its best with clear blue skies and warm to cool trekking days!
Can you trek in Nepal without a guide?
There are some routes where you are able to trek in Nepal without a guide. That said it’s always better to hire a licensed guide as they known the ins and outs of every route. Trekking without a guide in Nepal is considered risky and dangerous!
How much is trekking in Nepal?
An average trekker spends about 35 to 45 USD per day during the trek, if you then calculate the cost for porter, guide, how many days and transportation, you can get around 1600 USD for a 15 days trek. So for how much trekking in Nepal is depends all on these factors.