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Are you thinking of trekking in Nepal? Then you can go wrong no way. This tiny nation of Nepal has the Himalayas running along its northern border. And imagine 8 out of 14 highest peaks in this world are situated in Nepal. With multitude of opportunities for mountaineering and peak climbing in the Himalayas, Nepal equally is a trekkers' paradise. And wait, Nepal has much more to offer than just mountains. It possesses the deep religious and cultural traditions and well, such an interesting intermix of people as well. As we talk of treks, Nepal offers a wide range of treks from easy to moderate to challenging. But on all treks, the focus is upon the great scenery and experiencing some of the wonderful cultural snippets various ethnic and cultural groups of Nepal have to offer.

As seen, Nepal attracts the array of trekkers ranging from hard-core peak trekkers to those wanting to unwind on a ramble from teahouse to teahouse. And everyone who takes on the mountainous terrain of Nepal seems to come far away from the country with their own favorite experiences and favorite treks. While it comes to trekking, Nepal has everything.

If we flip back the history of trekking in Nepal, Nepal has been a closed kingdom and Nepalese have been apprehensive of foreigners for most of their history. Nepal opened up for trekking in 1948 but it was only in 1955 that it received first tourists. It was only in 1965 that the very first trekking company started in Nepal. Initially it operated expedition style treks with separate kitchen tents and dinning. Over the years, the number of trekkers in Nepal has dramatically increased. As per the statistics, Khumbu valley attracted just 300 trekkers in 1970, but nowadays the region attracts more than 30000 trekkers per year.

However, there can boat loads of things you need to know before actually doing your trekking in Nepal, Nepal trekking could be a real adventure and also a life-defining experience if you are with good travel operators. With a reliable trek operator, your tour content can be superb; everything you do becomes fascinating and well-executed by the staffs on the ground.
Encounters Nepal has hit the Himalayan trails for over a decade and more exploring some of the most enthralling zones across Nepal. So we know what works and what not. Our experience is reflected in how we craft our itineraries, plan acclimatization and possible adverse weather conditions, and safety measures. Being a pure adventure operator, Encounters Nepal offers all sorts of trekking in Nepal. With best of our efforts and expertise, we are able to make trekking in Nepal as a core business. We are always ready to make your Nepal trek a real adventure. Come join our team for unforgettable fully organized trekking (Camping treks in Nepal) or teahouse/lodge trekking in Nepal. Major trekking trails in Nepal are: Everest Region Trekking, Annapurna Region Trekking, Langtang Region Trekking, Dolpo Region Trekking, Mustang Trekking, The Great Himalayan Trail, Kanchenjunga Trekking, Manaslu Trekking, among many others. Have a memorable Trekking in Nepal !

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