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Trekking Grade

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Trekking Grade

All Treks have a grading system that is deemed as:


Trekkers without previous experience are offered a diverse range of easy treks. The easy trek involves no difficult climbing or ascents to high altitudes and is usually less than a week & suitable for everyone. However, easy treks do not mean less height or a loss of viewing better landscapes; while lower altitude treks often provide colourful horizons of a whole series of mountain ranges; easy treks are considered more convenient due to full access in accommodations at teahouses and at altitudes less than 3500m.


Medium treks are more challenging than easy trips and are suitable for any trekker looking for something a bit more energetic & pretty challenging. They are longer & last for about ten days walking up and down sloping hillocks to higher altitudes. At this altitude, you will be rewarded with close-up views of bigger mountains. The medium treks are also considered to have full access to teahouses at altitudes less than 4000m.


Trekkers with some previous mountain climbing experience should only undertake medium-hard treks. These treks ascend to altitudes up to 5000m and involve some steep climbing, although it is never necessary to use ropes. Treks at this level can he arranged for periods of 7-20 days or even more.


Hard treks are suitable only for real adventure seekers who are experienced in the physical aspects of mountain crafts. Some steep ascents to high altitudes with the possibility of rope climbing are involved in this category. Trekkers will need stamina to complete one of these wilderness treks as it lasts for 20-28 days. All expeditions are based on camps and will go above the tree-lines where the snow-line is fully evident up to altitudes above 5000m. One needs to be fully fit for ventures of this kind & the rewards are phenomenal.

Wilderness treks

These are the most challenging treks with some technical climbing to peaks above 6000m. One must have experience of climbing above 5000m levels to perform these types of treks. All treks are based in camps & must be well organized for the operation to be successful without injuries to any of the trekkers & the crew.

Wilderness Treks are for trekkers who wish to explore the unseen and unspoiled regions of Nepal; for this a wilderness trek is definitely the perfect choice if you have it in you to go all the way. These treks take you to remote regions where you can explore the rugged beauty of high mountain passes, spell binding glaciers, hidden valleys, quaint villages and diverse eco-systems. The flora & fauna in these areas are distinct & unique & well protected by conservations laws relevant in the country. Wilderness treks are a literal quest into discovering the unknown from the known & a lot of trekkers tend to discover themselves in these harsh beautiful environments which result into the opening of new avenues that generally change the course of their lives.

These treks can be organized through fully supported camping treks and require special permits to travel to within Nepal.