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Tour in Tibet

Tibet tour ,Tour in Tibet

Tibet: Shrouded mystery & deep religious fervor in a materialistic world

Tibet, an arid plateau, is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Situated 4000m above sea level and surrounded by a vast Himalayan range on three sides, This exotic country is home to Mt. Everest (8848m), the holiest of all peaks, Mt. Kailash at (6714m), & is host to some of the holiest & oldest monasteries on earth. Buddhist monks and lamas are a ubiquitous feature in the high and dry Tibetan plateau that makes up most of ancient Tibet's landscapes. After centuries of total isolation, Tibet is now opened to the Western World & has now developed into a major tourists' destination for travelers from all walks of life. Visiting Tibet's ancient cities gives visitors deep insights into the religious depths of this mystical land where its peoples live within a secluded culture that practices traditions which date back to times of yore. Most visitors to Tibet feel this country is better of a mystery than getting caught up in a world with ever changing landscapes gone astray in a world filled with materialistic pursuits. Visiting Tibet can be a wonderful journey of self discovery and lifetime achievement for travelers visiting a world seeped in religious beliefs & practices that date back to eons.Tibet General information

Tour in Tibet

Duration: 17 Days Grade: High altitude Kailash Yatra

Duration: 5 Days Grade: High altitude Lhasa Center Tibet Tour Fly in- Fly out

Duration: 8 Days Grade: High altitude Overland Adventure Budget Tour to Tibet from Kyirong

Duration: 12 Days Grade: High altitude Kathmandu Lhasa Ali Kailash Yatra

Duration: 26 Days Grade: High altitude Humla Mount Kailash Mansarover Simikot Trek

Duration: 28 Days Grade: High altitude 28 Days Kailash Tour via Simikot and Limi Valley

Duration: 20 Days Grade: High altitude 20 Days Simikot Kailash via ZHANGMU

Duration: 15 Days Grade: High altitude Kailash Yatra Kerung to KerungNew

Duration: 15 Days Grade: High altitude Lhasa to Kathmandu and Everest Base Camp Tour New

Duration: 15 Days Grade: High altitude Kathmandu to Lhasa and Everest base Camp TourNew

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