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Tour in Nepal

Our Holiday BonanzasPackaged holidays with lifetime memories…

Our holiday bonanzas are designed specially for vacationers seeking a mix that offers variety with spicy combinations to make your holidays feel like it was worth the trip you made after traveling miles across the oceans for holidays with a merry meaning. Families with children can also enjoy the kind of programs we’ve worked out that brings more cheer & closeness for those leaving home with their loved ones. You have a whole lot of choices to make your outings a perfect way to introduce kids or the elderly to the many wonders of the Himalayas. Teenaged travelers find it enchanting discovering the world through guided Himalayan ventures, exotic lush wildlife with a zing to adventure, historical & cultural exploration that opens avenues into viewing lifestyles & traditions practiced for centuries. The Daily options we offer you are varied and exhaustive travel is kept to a minimum, with added programs that offer jamborees to the entire family or even the discerning traveler who prefers to go it solo.

Our guides who accompany you on each step of your holidays are thorough bred professionals who enjoy their work to the hilt; & ensure that you get amusing encounters that reveal the complexities of original cultures found throughout the length & breadth of the Himalayas. The Accommodations we choose for you are welcoming for one & all. All of our trips featured are well planned out after years of experience in the trade, & EncountersNepal.com goes the extra mile in making sure that guests who do their holidays with us experience a jubilant balance that mixes relaxation, adventure, outings in the wilderness & one hour flights of fantasy which give you life-long memories that are passed down to the generations to come…