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Tour in Bhutan

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BHUTAN…An unspoiled hidden kingdom…

Discreetly, but wonderfully hidden in the eastern Himalayas between India & China (Tibet), Bhutan is a meagerly populated country of one million people. This quiet little sleepy kingdom is also considered to be the last surviving Mahayana Buddhist state. Bhutan is a fantastic country cutely nestled within the majestic Himalayas, a unique cultural heritage preserved for many centuries, in an architectural style like no others, a land full of warm hearted and friendly people; & this reveals a true paradise in a lost era of the present century.

Bhutan, the last paradise on earth reflects age old religion, culture, arts and architecture with its golden peaks in the background of deep green valleys and lush green hillsides, the vivid blue of the rivers and the sky, the white of the snow above the brown-gold alpine pastures speaks a tranquil language of silence – an integral part of Himalayan Buddhism for meditation and worship enabling believers to reach closer to the goal of enlightenment.

The tours and treks we offer are to familiarize the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan General information 


Tour in Bhutan

Duration: 5 Days Grade: Easy Glimpse of Bhutan

Duration: 8 Days Grade: Easy Across the Kingdom Tour

Duration: 8 Days Grade: Hard Jomolhari Trek

Duration: 9 Days Grade: Easy Bhutan Kingdom tour

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