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Tour for Charity

Charity…from the heart…

Charity in Nepal is one of the most essential issues for under developed countries in any part of the world; especially so much for a country like Nepal because of its difficult geographical settings, limited access to development, inadequate resources and overall lack of awareness amongst the people with a higher illiteracy rate.

With this kept in mind at all times in the course of its transactions, Encounters Nepal always ensures that 5% of its total profit must be donated to a charity that works for environmental protection, disabled people, war victimized children, with more focus on education and health. Little drops with the vision to create an ocean.

Since we are an eco-tourism service provider operating a travel/trekking agency, we want to preserve our environment by reducing more plastics from our clients who are on their holidays in Nepal's various mountains. We supply them safe and purified water instead of bottled water. We send our Guides to training programs and eco-workshops throughout Nepal, which enables them to understand about importance of the environment they work in. Thus, we intend to give some kind of awareness message in the conservation of natural resources to the local people through areas that our Guides walk across. A simple example is they can ask people to reduce cutting down of trees for fuel but use kerosene or solar system. This is a part of our charity initiatives we endeavor to keep up with to reduce the impact to the environment from our clients. We have an association with KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Educational Project) for such projects.

At the same time, we felt we should support the other areas too in the field of education and health. We give this charity to local organizations that are working particularly in these fields. We would like our guests to know that we are supporting a school in the Upper Mustang region, a remote outpost in the Himalayan region. Should you find it in your hearts to make small worthy contributions, we have numerous children who need a sponsorship in the different regions of Nepal that we work in. Their families have no source of income to pay for their education. And we don't have a free and compulsory education at all. A generous contribution, however small; will make a huge difference & enlighten the life of a helpless child, ensuring his future for generations.