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Nepal…Adventure Tourism within new landscapes in the Great Himalayan Trail’s networks…with EncountersNepal.com & the contributions it can make to this great effort.Trekking, History, Nature at its absolute best and a virtual paradise for adventure in Nepal; this is The Great Himalayan Trail {GHT] & EncountersNepal.com seeks to play a vital role in discovering new avenues within the ‘GHT’ trail development for Nepal’s goal in defining greater scopes for Adventure Tourism in the years ahead.

The Great Himalaya Trail is a network of existing wonder treks and tremendous trails which together form one of the longest and highest walking trails in the world.

Amaze of hiking paths beneath the world’s highest peaks and visiting some of the most remote communities on earth, it passes through lush green valleys, arid high plateaus and unbelievable landscapes. Nepal’s GHT is made up of 10 sections comprising a network of upper and lower routes, each offering you something different, be it adventure and exploration, authentic cultural experiences, or simply spectacular Himalayan nature of immense beauty.
The trekking routes in Nepal…many trodden by ‘Encounters Nepal’ while escorting its guests through some of the most rugged territories on earth…

The 1,700 km Nepal section of the trail takes its roots near Kanchenjunga on the eastern border and heads west navigating the domains of eight of the world’s 8000m peaks, from the beautiful but lesser-known Makalu to the famous Everest. It is not the easiest or most direct route across Nepal, but is rather a route through the Greater Himalaya. The Nepal section concludes at Humla on the Tibetan border.

The route offers an incredible diversity in terms of landscapes, flora & fauna, people and culture: from snow leopards to red pandas; from sub-tropical jungle to fragile high-altitude eco-systems; from the famous Sherpas, to Shamanism, to the ancient Bön Buddhist culture found existing till date in Dolpa. It’s a stunning mix within an environment of Mother Nature, animals, diverse communities & the calming divine powers of God.

The National Geographic Adventure Magazine‘s Jame’s Vlahos observes, “Nepal’s mountains are developed to the minimum, but they offer a massive wealth of trade and pilgrimage routes. The GHT elegantly connects these existing paths without blazing a single new trail.”

The Nepal section is part of a longer alpine adventure traversing the spine of the Himalaya from Bhutan to Pakistan. These sections are currently being researched, trekked and documented & Encounters Nepal will play its role to the hilt in finding more routes as there is still a lot of Great Himalaya Trail exploring yet to be done!

EncountersNepal.com seeks to make a difference

Nepal is a poor country and tourism contributes an important 4% of GDP. However, this is seemingly more concentrated, as far as trekking is concerned, in the 3 most popular areas of Solo Khumbu (Everest) region, the Annapurna region and Langtang. These regions are so far deemed to be used the most.

By trekking off the beaten track, you will making a direct difference to communities in these areas by spending money on food, accommodation or services such as guides, porters and cooks. And you’ll be venturing into some of the most incredible places on earth, meeting people following ancient cultures and experiencing unique discoveries that may change your life forever.

Many people from around the world come to Nepal to get away from the crowds and to seek challenge and adventure, and equally vibrant nature or solitude from the dregs of materialism. That is more than possible in Nepal & EncountersNepal.com ensures that its guests get the most out of holidays that gratify the expenses they incur within eco-friendly environments that bring more zest & zeal to the time they spend in Nepal.

Few will have the time to attempt the whole arduous trekking routes, so it is broken up into sections and short treks along the trail. There are many more places to visit in Nepal than just Annapurna, Everest or Langtang, beautiful as they are! Take Dolpa, Rara or Jumla for instance…

Not many people have hiked the length of the Himalayas in the last few decades (and written about it). However, there have been some expeditions with the goal either of traversing Nepal or going further trying to traverse the greater Himalaya range. Adventure enthusiasts are constantly seeking new terrain with newer landscapes less used by others.

In 1982, Arlene Blum and travel and adventure writer Hugh Swift became the first westerners to complete a 4,500 km great Himalayan traverse across Bhutan, Nepal and India. Starting from the eastern border of Bhutan, Swift and Blum, climbed up and down the Himalayan range over 6,000m passes and down to river valleys at 600m, gaining and losing an average of 1,000m each day to reach Ladakh. This is documented in her book – ‘Breaking Trail’. This is evidence of how eager people can be to discover the unknown from the known; & this is where Encounters Nepal wishes to meet & enlighten the aspirations of such ardent adventure seekers by accompanying the bold & brave through some of the most remote outpost on the planet, helping them to achieve dreams hesitantly expected. There are almost countless villages that can be connected; the Himalayas are immensely vast & options are so many…there is a trail for everyone, virtually!

Before embarking on any mountain adventure, Encounters Nepal suggests you should carefully research your trail options and check that you have all the field-craft and experience necessary to attempt the route to wish to hike through. We always encourage volunteers to research new and existing trails throughout the Himalaya, if that sounds exciting then please contact us! We’d be glad to help you.As we continue to be a part of the overall GHT concept, an ever-expanding group of organisations and individuals have come together to help support the GHT and give feedback benefits to those who rely on the Himalaya for their livelihood and home.

EncountersNepal.com has developed Codes of Conduct for trekkers and those who seek a tryst in the wild to promote sustainable and responsible activities. You can support the GHT Alliance through promoting the Codes of Conduct, by providing financial support for a GHT Alliance program and by joining treks run by GHT Alliance partners.

We have worked with & supported trekkers for years; we hope you go through our website & find it useful in serving your holidays dreams!

Enrich your Happiness by enjoying the trails with EncountersNepal.com! Serving you is a way of life for us down here…

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Trekking In The Restricted Area

Duration: 13 Days Grade: Medium-Hard Upper Mustang Trekking

Duration: 19 Days Grade: Hard Manaslu Circuit Trekking

Duration: 21Days Grade: Medium-Hard Tsum Valley Trekking

Duration: 20 Days Grade: Hard Lower Dolpo Trekking

Duration: 22 Days Grade: Hard Upper Dolpo Trekking

Duration: 24 Days Grade: Hard Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking

Duration: 17 Days Grade: Medium-Hard Humla Limi Valley Trekking

Duration: 24 Days Grade: Hard Humla Mount Kailash Manasarovar Trekking

Duration: 100+ Days Grade: Hard The Great Himalaya Trail Trekking New

Duration: 21 Days Grade: Medium-Hard Narphu Valley Trekking

Duration: 22 Days Grade: Medium-Hard Rolwaling Valley Trekking

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Trekking Type : Camping/Tea house 

Trekking Grade : Hard

Duration : 100 Days

People In Group : 2+

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