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We offer Tailor-made Packages in Nepal as per your time

Tailor-made programs:  To get the most out of the least…

With the rewards of a decade of experience, ENCOUNTERS NEPAL has learnt the hard way to design itineraries that suit the absolute taste of its guests, no matter how discerning the visiting tourist could be. The joy of a well designed tailor-made itinerary is that your holiday is designed to cope with your time & budget & give you a program that has all the frills of a holiday for the shortest possible time & a price that’s thoroughly pocket friendly; and you are not restricted to the set itinerary of a group departure, giving you space to enjoy your holidays at the most flexible time that suits your requirements.

However, all of the trips that we plan is not only suited to your requirements but also includes your interests. Our itineraries are flexible enough to go longer or shorter. We can combine one itinerary and into another to give you a wonderful mix of history, the outdoors & even a safari, all precisely planned to get so much out of so little. Our well planned packages combine Trek/Tours throughout the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan through our extensive contacts beyond the borders where we operate.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and find stimulation and ideas to help you plan your tailor made holidays right to the core. You have a host of choices from the many destinations that include Trekking/Expeditions /Safaris/Rafting /overland Tibet /Bhutan tours and a galore of experiences that make your holidays literal dreams come true.

All you have to do is just get friendly with us at: info@encountersnepal.com & we’ll send you realistic itineraries that are not only practical but also bring more zest & zing to vacations that bring you to a world of discovering what was never known before, a world of clear sky blue sunshine & starry moonlit nights at some of the most thrilling tourism spots on the planet.

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