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Sky Trail Ganesh Parbat Treks

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Sky Trail Ganesh Parbat Treks

A pilgrimage of the divine cycle is only complete if we visit all the 4 Dhams of Hinduism. This includes Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Mt. Kailash & the completion of the divine cycle that includes the Ganga-Jamuna Ganesh Parbat holy tour. Most pilgrims tend to overlook this sacred trail which is truly important to complete the Divine Cycle of holy pilgrimage visits for a life freed from sin.

Connected with the Phulkharka, Gumdi,Ri, Lapa, Sertung, Manbu, Sertubas, Keraunja and Chisapani of Dhading district and Ladam, Chilime and Langtang of Rasuwa district, Ganesh Himalayan range assigns its center in rock positioned in the Ganga-Jamuna Waterfall which is situated in the height of 1800 meter. This hill, which is believed to have composed of ruby, has a hole which people believe as the trunk of Lord Ganesha. This is one of the reasons for the faith and devotion of millions of people since the ancient times and this trend still follows. This rock extends from Ganga-Jamuna fall to the height of 7,163 meter which is the highest point of the Ganesh Himal. This region covers the latitude from 25° 05” north to 28° 05” east.

Ancestors believe that Ganesh Himal is sacred place for saints, a pilgrimage for those who entrust religious beliefs and a treasure housefor scientists and researchers. The hill is blessed with water sources, priceless herbs, flora and faunas in the outer side whereas precious minerals in the innerside.

Ganesh Himal, Ganga Jamuna Pilgrimage

According to religious beliefs, Ganesh Mountain is the residence of Lord Ganesh. The front side of the hill locates Ganga Jamuna fall which is a holy waterfall. According to traditional beliefs , this fall is regarded to be falling from the trunk of Lord Ganesh. Similarly, the nearby Kukurdhara is regarded to be falling as teardrops of Lord Ganesh and is believed that this liquid is a germ disinfectant.

Ganga Jamuna fall is one of the famous and panoramic falls of Nepal. This fall flows from the height of 2,800m and accumulates in at a small valley at height of 1,800m where pilgrims gather. While falling from a height of 1,000m, the water droplets are dispersed in the air and shines brightly which creates really heart-appealing scene. Moreover, in the month of April and June, when the source gets dried up, a group of villagers pray for water with ‘PancheBaja’(a type of Nepali musical repertoire) singing Hara HaraGangePaniDeuDeu(give us water dear Ganga, the Goddess of water). As soon as they sing this prayer, the water starts accumulating in the source and showers over everyone, drenching them which is an astonishing event.

Ganga Jamuna has been described as sisters in the Himalayan Myth. These falls, mingling with other rivers when reach India, are popular as Ganga and Yamuna.

On the occasion of Kartik Shukla Paksha(a day in the month of October/November), there is a grand festival in this holy place. On this very day, a huge mass of pilgrims gather here covering the entire hill. The drums and other musical instruments played by the Lamas echo in all directions. The pilgrims stay there all night lighting up the diyos, singing and dancing and on the following day of Hari bodhini Ekadashi, they take bath in the Ganga Jamuna fall and worship early in the morning. After then there is a tradition of bathing in the Kukur Dhara. There is a strong belief that, if one takes bath in Kukur Dhara on this day he won’t be affected by dog bite. And in the end this ritual is completed by offering cow milk and by flying pigeon, the symbol of peace. This festival is religiously, culturally, historical and scientifically very important.

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