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Short Treks in Nepal

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Short Treks in Nepal

Short treks in Kathmandu…& in Nepal…as wholesome holidays…

There are, perhaps, many adventurers who will need to give up their dreams of reaching the summits of the great Himalayan Mountains due to certain physical constraints…’but never give up’ goes the adage. To help such enthusiasts live to their dreams ENCOUNTERSNEPAL has a host of options to offer in hiking & short treks on the rims of the Kathmandu valley & throughout Nepal in general.

Hiking is the best alternative for all those whose trips are dictated by factors such as time, physical fitness and/or age. In a short span of time you will be able to explore into the true essence of mountain adventure. Hiking offers you the opportunity to revel in the ethereal beauty of sunrise and sunset, green hills, pert hamlets, and forests inhabited by varieties of birds.

Hiking can be enjoyed as an ideal family trip with even the elderly and children capable of exploring and cherishing the natural wonders of Nepal. These short treks are also ideal for those coming to Nepal for short visit or for business purposes to exercise the body.

For those arriving to Nepal as a transit point for Tibet or India or even a Bhutan trip for a day or two, hiking can be your best option to gear up & unwind before you resume the journey to your final destination.

The Kathmandu valley, a political, commercial & cultural hub of Nepal is famed for its natural beauty and historic, holistic spots. The valley is rich in places of pilgrimage for both Hindus and Buddhists. Both of their deities stand well side by side by both tantric symbolism and ancient animistic beliefs.

A very old Hindu text has described Kathmandu as the land of gods surrounded by beautiful mountains around in a bowl shaped valley. It is said that there were as many temples as there were houses and many idols as there were people. In fact Kathmandu boasts one of the largest congregations of magnificent historical monuments and shrines ever built.

There are many beautiful and interesting places of exquisite nature to visit outside or on the rims of the Kathmandu Valley which are full of history and historical remains and are remarkable for their natural beauties. Most of these unique spots can be easily reached from Kathmandu by road or by air.