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A Prolific Profile

Mr. Rishi Nepal, the Founder & President of Encounters Nepal.com is an illustrious tourism entrepreneur who has been actively involved in the travel & tourism business for almost a decade & half. He actively dedicates himself in promoting the entire Himalayan region of Nepal in the tourism arena. His zest, zeal and gusto have led the company to new heights. Under his leadership, the company has seen some of the best of times. A well known figure in the Nepal tourism industry, Mr. Nepal has come a long way today. He served as an Executive member of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal {TAAN} from 2007-09 and is now in the advisory panel of the same. Rishi is a go-getter in this industry & his contribution and achievement in the field of Tourism and Himalayan adventure is recognized by one & all. Rishi attributes his success to his ‘LOVE FOR THE LAND’ {Nepal}, & its landlocked geography.

Mr. Rishi Prasad Nepal was born on the 13th May, 1979 at Bhumesthan of Phulkharka Village in the district of Dhading, North of Nepal.

Mr. Nepal is the proprietor of EncountersNepal.com {an Eco - adventure company based in Thamel} and associated very closely with several Social Service organizations that include President of Nepal Environmental Education Project (NEEP),President of Mandali Ex-Student Club 2009 -2015,Founder  Man Mohan Memorial Community Hospital (a trust formed under the ex-Prime Minister of Nepal} Founder- President of Shuvakamana English Boarding School in Kathmandu, and also has shares in two financial cooperative institutions. In addition to this, Mr. Nepal is also an active promoter of the Tourism Development Bank also based in Thamel of Kathmandu and is an ongoing active member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association {NMA}. He is also an Executive Member of Keep 2012-2015 & Serecory 2015-2018 ,He is also an Executive Member of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal {TAAN} from 2007 through 2009, Generel Serretory 2015-2017 of Tourism Forum Nepal.respectively.Mr.Nepal also Lions Clubs International  Member 124048 Himalayan Town 325B1 MYCKCI 4215618. Mr. Nepal has taken great pleasure from the tasks he has been involved in; both in the past and the present and seeks to continue serving his fellow beings and society as a whole for the general good welfare of his country Nepal.

In addition to this, Mr. Rishi Nepal is a representative of the American MetLife Insurance Co. {formerly known as ALICO – American Life Insurance Company} headquartered in the USA & is much involved as a member of  the Dhading Paryartan Society; his home district.

Mr. Nepal has traveled extensively to 18 different countries for matters relating to work & in the promotion of his business since the year 2004 till date & has beneficially used the experience gained from these visits for the betterment of his country Nepal & the international community in general. Mr. Nepal wishes to continue in his endeavors for the economical prosperity of Nepal & to upgrade its status as a major tourists’ destination throughout the world.

Some brief facts about Mr. Rishi Nepal’s birthplace:

Mr. Nepal was born in the beautiful village of Phulkharka situated on the laps of the famous Mt. Manaslu, which is linked to the huge hillocks of Ganga-Jamuna and Ganesh Himal in-between 45 Kilometers from the District headquarters of Dhading Besi which lies 124 Kilometers from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

In Nepali, the word ‘phul’ means flower and for its namesake, ‘Phulkharka’ is the ‘garden’ of many ethnic groups who hail from the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim communities; all living under one roof in peace & harmony with one another in this beautiful  scenic village.

The north side of the village stands from 1600m to 2926 meter above sea level & consists of some 1000 households in its area. There are many other sub villages in Phulkharka which are: Phulkharka, Sadan, Dumla, Payukharka, Dhadkharka, Katike, Lapsibot, Dadathok, Bhadaure, Bhumesthan, Mathillo Tole, Majuwa, Kalleri, Bhirkubnan, Dhangshing and ekle basti. The famous waterfalls of Ganga-Jamuna are also located in the same village development Committee area of Phulkharka.

The warm & friendly people of Phulkharka believe in hard work and sincerely seek to develop the village society itself through various means of information & awareness programs that are available within the area of Phulkharka. Ironically, & something which is common all over Nepal; the village of Phulkharka has not been influenced by any political parties or gender, color and race. The people of Phulkhaka are much united for the sustainable development of the village as well as in uplifting their lifestyles through small but yet effective social development programs. Unity in diversity is one of the primary characteristics of all Phulkarkians who seek better lives & greener pastures in comparison to other villages clustered around throughout the country.

The village of Phulkharka, which more or less has a military background since ancient times, but however, & at present, most folks in the village also welcomes the changes brought about by its revolutionaries of yester years. The residents of Phulkharka are mainly involved in Tourism, Banking, Law, the Military, Police, and Teaching, the Health sector, Engineering & other fields as well etc, in serving the nation by all pragmatic means available at its disposal. The highly enterprising people of Phulkharka are not only active in Nepal but its members are also found to be equally active abroad.

The beautiful landscapes of Phulkharka village are surely seen in the very ingenious lifestyle of its sons & daughters & it is felt that this village will very soon in the near future be an example of how hard work determines Success among all the other villages of this developing nation.

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