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Mountain Flight of Nepal

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Mountain Flight

                                                                      Mountain Flight in Nepal
Escaping the hubbub of man-made things, the rules made by the society that we are bounded to, our responsibility and all of our worries for a while; may it be just for an hour or so; and getting lost in the beauty of nature amidst the whole other world of Himalayas is something truly magical, reminding you that the nature has no bounds.

Presenting you one of the most magical lifetime experiences, Mountain Flight in Nepal takes you to the Northern part of the country offering you with views that no other flights can offer. Providing you with an opportunity to have a pleasing view of Mount Everest; the top of the world, along with a panoramic view of numerous other mountains, plateau, etc; Mountain Flight Nepal is indisputably one of the most exclusive flight packages in the world.

The flight takes off from Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu followed by an hour long scenic eagle-eyed view of the mountain ranges. This opportunity is the shortest and the most convenient way to witness the majestic view of the mountains. Above all of your imaginations and expectations, lies the offering of Mountain Flight of Nepal.

This flight spellbinds you with the heavenly beauty that the tour has to provide, including an opportunity to soak up the incredible views of the Himalayan ranges early in the morning during the crack of the dawn, providing you with warmth of the golden rays of the sun through the icy mountains.


Duration: 1 hour

Starting point: Kathmandu
Ending point: Kathmandu

Why Mountain Flight in Nepal?
Attracting numerous categories of travelers, this flight package is a savior for the ones with limited time to explore the nature, for the ones who cannot walk for long sweaty days and for the ones desiring luxury.
An opportunity to explore the indisputable beauty, the mountain ranges and the top of the world closely in just an hour time is the major attraction of this flight and no nature-lover would lack behind to grab it. This flight is indeed one of the best of its kind.

Highlights of the Flight Package:
• Closest astounding view of the Himalayan ranges; including Mount Everest (8848 m), Lhotse (8516 m), Nuptse (7855 m), Makalu (8463 m), and the list goes on, including Tibetan plateau; in a single frame from the window seat.

• Impressive view of the Kathmandu valley and Hilly range of Nepal on the way to the Himalayas.

• Experiencing everything in the Himalayas with the smallest possible effort.

• The most luxurious way possible to experience Himalayas, the hidden treasure.

Facilitating you with one of the best hours of your life, we aim to provide you with quality services at an affordable price.
Costs Include:
• Airports pick and drop off by one of our representatives in a private vehicle.
• One-hour mountain flight ticket.
• Government taxes and paperwork.
• Certificate of having experienced the mountain flight.
Costs Exclude:
• Accommodation and meals.
• Any type of beverage and mineral water.
• Other services than the ones mentioned in the itinerary.

• Pick up from Hotel and transfer to the Tribhuvan International Airport domestic terminal.
• An hour long flight.
• Drop off to the Hotel from the Tribhuvan International Airport by one of our representatives.

Best time for the Flight:
Pre research on the perfect weather for the flight should be conducted before planning one.
• Autumn Season:
The months September, October and November are some of the best months for the flight and provides you with the best view.

• Spring Season:
The months March, April and May offers you with crystal clear view of the Himalayan ranges and are some of the best months for the flight.

• Monsoon Season:
The months June, July and August are not the best months for the flight, as the weather remains cloudy during this time.

• Winter Season:
The months December, January and February provides you with clear weather but the flights leave late than usual because of excessive fog.

Flights Details:
Making your travel time easy and worthwhile, we have various airline companies to facilitate you; namely:
• Yeti Airlines:
The aircrafts provided by Yeti Airlines for Mountain Flight are:
- SAAB-340 (a twin-engine turboprop) with a seat capacity 16.
- Dornier-228 (a twin turboprop) with a seat capacity 16.

• Buddha Airlines:
Buddha Airlines currently provides a fleet of aircrafts namely
- ATR 42-320 (a twin-turboprop) with a seat capacity 16.
- ATR 72-500 (a twin-engine turboprop) with a seat capacity 16.
- Beechcraft 1900D (a twin-engine turboprop) with a seat capacity 16.

• Tara Airlines:
The aircrafts provided by Tara Airlines for Mountain Flight are:
- DHC-6/400 and DHC-6/300 Twin Otter (twin-engine turboprops) with a seat capacity 16.
- Dornier Do 228 (a twin turboprop) with a seat capacity 16.

These three airlines are the most popular airline companies in Nepal providing aircrafts for mountain flight. Among these, Buddha Airlines, operating since 1996 has been regarded as the best option since years; provides you with large and clear windows for the best possible view of the Himalayas. Buddha Airlines is well known for the safety and comfort that they provide to their passengers along with their punctuality, which makes Buddha Airlines highly recommended.

To guide you through some of the best times of your life, to facilitate you with the best way possible, and to make your invested time and money fruitful; We, Encounters Nepal, have been working with our well-experienced professional workforce since ages. Respecting your invested efforts, we are here to make your experience worthy, having safety at our topmost priority.