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Mountain Flight in Nepal

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Mountain Flight in Nepal

MOUNTAIN FLIGHTS: Sky Tours of True Fantasy that’s real…

Dumb struck silence is one way to figure out passengers’ minds when boarding the plane for an enchanting mountain flight for a ‘let’s kiss each other’’ close-up of the highest mountains on earth. Because you sure don’t want to go home without seeing the late Sir Edmund Hillary’s Everest for what it truly is, do you? It has almost become a status symbol because as soon as you touch the green grass of home, the first question you’re probably asked is, ‘did you see Mt. Everest?’ it has almost become your bragging right. Doing the trek is a tough journey that takes weeks and then how much of hiking practice have you been doing of late? Are you ready to go the yard, mind you, its not the mile, its hiking rugged trails for something like 5-8 hrs in a single day. But then you don’t have to worry, life always offers solutions. Simply go for a mountain flight, where everyone has their very own window seat to ogle at the Himalayas upfront, it’s so close you feel you could almost touch it from the window of your plane.
With natural unpredictable disasters like earthquakes striking in some parts of the world, putting fear into potential global travelers from trotting the globe, holiday goers find themselves in a fix on where to travel and where its safest most. Vacationers have different choices when making travel plans with some opting to visit Europe’s famous historical capitals, some preferring the steamy lovely beaches of Asia, with others preferring the Baltic shores of Russia and a few choosing isolated spots on earth where less people are seen, however, there are many who wish to find the ultimate peace on the mountains but the fear of earthquakes becomes a spoilsport and puts a dampener on those wishing for wilderness adventures. However, one doesn’t need to fear heading down to Nepal for dream holidays that make so much of sense and gives value to hard earned money. What travelers need to see is that earthquakes don’t last forever after going its course. Nepal’s earthquakes are now over and its time for people to head down to this wonderful destination now for numerous choices to make the journey worth it. Nepal has a whole host of options for holidays that have nothing to do with earthquakes and one of them is Mountain Flights that fly in the sky for one whole hour bring you so close to those monolith peaks that almost touch the heavens, leaving you ecstatic and excited with some of the most beautiful pictures for that favorite corner at home.

You get to see all the ten star peaks of Nepal while some diehard climbers are still struggling to pronounce the names of these peaks. It’s No wonder mountain fly-bys have become a clarion call and a mandatory tourist attraction in Nepal.

All you need to do is wake up early in the morning and make a beeline for the domestic airport (flights leave between 6-8 am), settle into your seat, take out that video camera, and click away right to the clouds. The captain flies you at eye level for that super viewing experience. If your pictures go awry, you only have yourself to blame. Flights do not have wi-fi to upload your pictures to facebook yet, but you can do that first thing once you hop off the plane while enjoying breakfast. So what are you waiting for, Mate? THESE AREN’T JUST MOUNTAIN FLIGHTS OF FANTASY, this is for real, down to earth core stuff with mind boggling experiences you aren’t going to forget anytime soon! Let Encounters Nepal arrange your Mountain Flights so that you will never ever forget this is one country which gave you a vacation that only dreams can be made off. Come over to Nepal, we are one of the safest countries in the world!!!

What our guest Said About Mt flight and Us !

Recently I visited Nepal and had only very happily memorable encounters with "Encounters Nepal".  The company is run by the young, dynamic Rishi who is proud of his homeland and is so welcoming to foreign visitors.  My first "encounter" occurred shortly after my arrival in Kathmandu when I was led to the office by a friendly taxi driver when I told him I was keen to book a flight to see the mountains as soon as possible.  Rishi immediately organised this flight for me on the day when I wished to go, picked me up from my hotel at 6.00am on the morning of the flight and was there at the airport to meet me afterwards.  The flight with Yeti Airlines was a magical experience.  Everyone has a window seat. We took off  a little after the scheduled departure time once the early fog had cleared and, within minutes, were soaring past the towering snow clad caps of the Langtan Range.  We flew for 45 minutes parallel to the ranges and the stewardess pointed put the various peaks as they came into view.  Set against the dazzling blue of the early morning, the rugged, mountainous terrain evoked  sighs of awe from all on the plane, especially when we each had our turn to view the scene from the cockpit.  Not once did I feel anxiety about our proximity to the seemingly endless stretch of mighty mountains alongside which we just seemed to float, as the views were just so impressive. Everest appeared, a great exultant pyramid jutting into the sky, caressed softly on its mighty peak by a faint wisp of sunlit cloud. The mood on the plane was one of awestruck happiness. If you are seated on the left side of the plane you are closer to the mountains on the outward flight but if you sit on the right, you have the view up even closer on the return journey. It was good to be met afterwards by Rishi who seemed genuinely happy for me when I returned, so delighted after the exhilirating flight.

I hope to return to Nepal in the not too distant future and to undertake more encounters with the landscape and people of this stunningcountry.  In future, I will organise all my adventures with  Rishi'scompany.  He brings an open, sincere and caring soul to the organisation of travel for his clients which just adds a joyous layer of gentle Nepali humanity to the experience, making it all the richer.


How much does it cost to fly to Mount Everest?
A mountain flight to Mount Everest cost approx. 198USD per person and takes you passed Mt Everest with scenic views of the Himalayas. During your ticket booking you can choose between window or aisle seats, of course this depends also on availability.

How do I book a mountain flight in Nepal?
To book any type of mountain flight in Nepal, you’ll need to contact a licensed travel or trekking agency in Nepal such as encountersnepal.com. They can arrange for you an exciting mountain flight for example Mt Everest. Mountain flights come with the option of window or aisle seats. The current airlines providing mountain flight services in Nepal are; Buddha air, Yeti air and Simrik air.

Do planes fly over Mt Everest?
With the Mt Everest standing over 29,000ft most aircrafts avoid flying over the Himalayas as it poses a risk. Although there are commercial airplanes that can fly at the 30,000ft mark most routes don’t fly over Mt Everest or the Himalayas for safety purposes!

Can we go to Mount Everest by helicopter?
You can take a helicopter tour up to Everest Base Camp but not to the summit of Mt Everest. In Nepal going to Mount Everest by helicopter is a popular tour activity and takes about 3 to 4 hours only from Kathmandu.

Can you paraglide of Mt Everest?
Although it might be really expensive just organizing something like paragliding of Mt Everest, it has been done already by three teams! The first to paraglide of Mt Everest was the French alpine climber and pilot Jean Marc Boivin.