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Manas as soul of a god

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Manas as soul of a god

Manaslu Circuit Trekking, a different to other Nepal Himalaya adventure destinations, as this route and high areas of Manaslu within Gorkha district and Nepal Far North Mid-West Himalaya was closed for foreign travelers but been exposed and opened since last few decades.
An opportunity to immerse within its beautiful and scenic surrounding of pristine environment enriched with serene dense rhododendron-magnolia-pines-oaks and fir trees with indigenous age-old culture of Manaslu people interwoven with Buddhism religion and strong bond with Tibetan traditions.
Mt. Manaslu ranked as world’s eight highest at 8,163 m and 26,781 ft first climbed by Japanese Expeditions in 1956, the area was restricted to outside travelers and was opened last three decades, where one can enjoy beautiful scenery of mountains and culture on this lovely Manaslu Circuit Trekking.
Mt. Manaslu a name derived from ancient Sanskrit word ‘Manas’ as soul of a god, like the huge sacred Manasrover in Tibet near holy Mt. Kailash, the local name is Kutang of Tibetan origin, as the area around Manaslu falls close to the border of Tibet and was an earlier trade route between the two countries.
Manaslu Circuit Trekking begins taking a drive from the capital Kathmandu to reach low warm areas of Gorkha, where walk leads for some days with climb towards cooler green hills and impressive farm villages to reach at high and scenic Manaslu valley.
As walk progress within high arid country on leaving the green tree lines for windswept terrain of ice and snow at Larke base within the end of Manaslu valley, and then crossing a high Larke-la pass above 5,160 m and 16,929 ft high, to reach at Manang areas for drive back to Kathmandu, with memorable experience and adventure on Manaslu Circuit Trekking.