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Upper Mustang trekking where adventure leads you at photogenic country around Nepal Far North Western Himalaya, landscapes and high terrain which is an extension of South-West Tibetan plateau. Upper Mustang trekking leads you to amazing places within impressive villages and towards former walled kingdom of Upper Mustang at Lo-Manthang which was ruled by late monarch the Raja of Mustang, as Nepal became a republic country and the king was removed at Mustang, but well respected by the Mustang people.

Upper Mustang a great scenic place hidden beyond Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalaya located on the ancient Trans Himalayan Trade route of Nepal and Tibet through Upper Mustang towards Karo-la pass, a frontier between the two nations. Upper Mustang due to its closeness with Tibet across the border, where traditional farm life and culture are very similar with Tibetan types of Buddhism religion as well practice ancient Bon-sect of pre Buddhism worshipping natural spirits and mountains. To reach Upper Mustang of several options either drives from scenic Pokhara city to reach at Jomsom, headquarter town of Mustang district and home to Thakali people the tribes around Kali-Gandaki River valley of lower Mustang areas. The other shorter routes taking a short flight to Jomsom and then take a jeep ride or walk towards Upper Mustang to reach at Lo-Manthang, the main large village and old kingdom of Mustang. As walk proceeds heading towards wide open valley of Kali-Gandaki River to reach the entrance point of Upper Mustang at Kagbeni, an interesting village with strong Tibetan influence with similar types of houses and culture. Walk leads through Kagbeni to enter into windswept country within high eroded canyon and steep cliffs, as walk leads to explore many nice villages of Chusang-Ghami-Tsarang to reach the main highlight destination into Lo-Mangtang with time around here visiting its impressive monasteries and small town and then back to Jomsom for flight back to beautiful Pokhara.