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Kathmandu Day Tour

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Kathmandu Day Tour

A sizzling tour of Kathmandu… on foot, a mountain bike or by car…just do it, you will love it…

You can start after a healthy breakfast & drive right down to Swayambhunath [monkey temple – the monkeys here are real & can be a pain in the neck] & its best to crash down in the early parts of the day as its cooler. Swayambhu is one of Katmandu’s oldest Buddhist temples & the views from here are simply fantastic. The monkeys are an added attraction & tourists try to get them to sit on their shoulders. However, these monkeys are venerated down here, so it’s best to be friendly and not taunt them. This temple literally gives you 360 degree views over the city of Kathmandu, & it’s worth watching the spectacle at dusk. To get to the temple, however, you must first walk up 365 steps to get to the top. Entrance fee: is 200 rupees. When we are done here, we then head down to one of hinduism’s most sacred temples, the pashupatinath temple.Entrance Fee is 1000 rupees You won’t be allowed to enter if you’re a foreigner, but certain areas give you access where you can visit the burning pyres used by Nepal’s early royal family & the common Nepali man. On festival occasions like shivaratri, it’s an absolute treat to see hordes of visitors, especially women decked in red out to appease this god & his consort parbati. This is also one of Nepal’s best known temples throughout Asia for hindus…


Our next haul up point is the historical durbar square, known for its vibrant heritage sites. This place has a special significance to being home to the Nepalese Royal Family. It is here the early kings of Nepal were ordained and took their place on the throne of Nepal. Now, visitors are amazed with complex architecture, dating back to the 17th century, and Nepalese history at durbar square literally repeats itself with ancient practices used till this very day. This is also where the living goddess Kumari has her home. You might get a chance to see her upfront, but this is only a chance - the Entrance fee: is 750 rupees. We finally wrap up our one day scintillating Kathmandu tour with a visit to Katmandu’s best known stopper of Boudanath. This popular temple is a virtual landmark of Kathmandu & found in all the guidebooks throughout kathmandu. The Boudhanath Stupa is a keyBuddhist site that attracts Buddhists from all over the country & the world. As you stroll around the giant white mound, the all seeing eyes of Buddha watch over, as if to say see no evil, speak no evil & do no evil; while the prayer flags flutter overhead.

You can even stand in a queue & hike around the whole stupa three or more times with the other Buddhists & hear them reciting their mantras. The smell of incense perforates the air & it’s thickly felt. It’s a unique experience in one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world.  To get in here, you pay an Entrance fee of 150 rupeesHiking for a whole day on a Kathmandu tour is one of the most gripping experiences you will ever have in a lifetime…ENCOUNTERSNEPAL.COM gives you this blazing cultural tour like nobodyelse…   Book now

How can I spend a day in Kathmandu?
As Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and one of the biggest cultural hubs of the country there is a lot to do if you want to spend a day in Kathmandu. Choose between:
• Sightseeing
• Rafting
• Mountain biking
• Bungee jumping
• Wall climbing
• Museum visits
• Hiking
• Mountain flight
• Helicopter flight
• Day tours


Is Kathmandu worth visiting?
With 7 Heritage sites, countless temples and activities, Kathmandu is definitely worth visiting. Hotels range for luxury to budget, restaurants offer continental and international dishes and public transportation runs smoothly. Visit Kathmandu for a unique and cultural experience in Nepal!

Can you see the Everest from Kathmandu?
Being 200 kilometers away from Kathmandu, Mt Everest can be seen on clear days. Due to overpopulation and smog levels normally it’s impossible to see Mt Everest from Kathmandu, but during the 2020 Corona Virus lockdown smog levels have decreased substantially and for the first time in decades Mt Everest was visible from Kathmandu!

Is it safe to go to Kathmandu now?
After the lockdown in 2020 due to the Nobel Virus Covid-19 strict safety measures are taken in Kathmandu to provide safety. People need to wear mouth masks at all time and hotels, restaurants, transportation services and public places have all been set up with strict rules to prevent any spreading of the virus. Now Kathmandu has been made safe and is ready for international visitors!

Is Kathmandu safe at night?
Kathmandu is safe at night for solo female travelers, but as any other big city in the world try to use common sense and avoid walking at night alone and entering dark alleys. Female travelers can roam the streets of Thamel at night as there all night life takes place, from disco’s to music bars.