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K2 winter expedition team arrives in Kathmandu Nepal to hero’s welcome

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K2 winter expedition team arrives in Kathmandu Nepal to hero’s welcome

Welcome rally for our Nepalese heroes who summited Mt K2 during the winter in unity!
Dear all members as you have undoubtedly heard, our Nepalese heroes return today 26 Jan 2021 to Kathmandu, Nepal, after having achieved a historical feet of climbing and summiting Mt K2 8,611m (28,251ft) in the winter! On behalf of the General Secretary of the NMA (Nepalese Mountaineering Association we invite all proud Nepalese to celebrate and felicitate our heroes with a motor rally from TIA to NMA!
The team that did the impossible!
While there where 4 international teams that tried to summit Pakistan’s legendary K2 Mountain during the winter a group of Nepalese Sherpa made a team of 10 that did the impossible. Now they became legends and their names:
1:Mingma G Sherpa
2:Kili Pemba Sherpa
3:Dawatenjing Sherpa
5:Gelje Sherpa
6:Mingma David Sherpa
7:MingmaTenzi Sherpa
8:PemChhiri Sherpa
9:Dawa Temba Sherpa
10:Sona Sherpa

The fact that these Sherpa summited the mountain at 8,611m at 5pm local time during the winter itself is incredible, as of 2018 only 385 people have successfully summited Mt K2 and none of them during the winter.
Mingma G Sherpa said: “Brother to brother, shoulder to shoulder, we walked together to the summit whilst singing the Nepali national anthem. We all stopped around 10m before reaching the summit to huddle and make our final steps together as a team to mark this historical feat, the first ascent of K2 in winter.
No individual agendas, no individual greed but only solidarity and joint force of Team Nepal with a shared vision. Super proud of all the team members for earning this for Nepal and humanity through hardship, selfless effort, and most importantly UNITY proving that nothing is impossible! We are honored to be sharing this moment with communities all across the world.
Global warming and climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing right now. The human race needs to unite to face era’s most threatening looming crisis. If we unite we can make anything possible!” A strong and powerful message for everyone!
What makes Mt K2 so difficult to climb?
The K2 Mountain is one of the harshest and technical mountains in the world, it’s not for nothing the mountain got the nickname of “the Savage Mountain”. The climb itself is very technical and steep, there are no logistics and rope supports. It is basically a brutal climb and you got to be lucky with the weather and wind. Knowing all this, making the summit in the winter was thought to be impossible, until now!
Why is this such an important feat?
K2 the second highest mountain in the world was first climbed in 1954, and had been tried to climb during the winter six times, whereas all six attempts ended in failure. Now guiding and aiding 4 international teams to make the summit of K2 in the winter where a group of Sherpa, there role was to help and oversee with logistics during the climb. As 6 times before all 4 international teams couldn’t make it further and so from Camp 4 the 10 Sherpa brothers decided to do the impossible and join forces to reach the top of Mt K2 during the winter!
Most noticeable about this historic first winter summit of Mt K2 is that none of these heroes claim credit for the feat but rather want to spread a message of unity and equality to the world.
Nirmal Puja also known as Nimsdai (Nims brother) said via a phonecall from Pakistan “We united to make the impossible possible together. Let’s talk about unselfishness and making the greatest feat in the name of everyone because everyone deserves the equal credit.” And this after Mingma Ji Sherpa did the impossible without additional oxygen cylinders!
They are comming  home today!
Now as mountain legends these 10 Sherpa return home to Nepal and the NMA Nepalese Mountaineering Association invites you to join a welcoming rally for our Nepalese brothers! Join today at the Kathmandu’s International Airport in overwhelming support for these heroes. And Help further spread their message of unity, equality and to protect planet earth from global warming!
How they were received?
39 different tourism related associations including NTB,NMA,TAAN and the Ministry of tourism, joined in welcoming the heroes, a motor rally guided them from the international airport to Thamel and the Nepal Tourism Board, accompanied with epic band music and big celebrations. Afterwards they were invited to the Prime Minister KP Oli’s residence at Baluwatar for further felicitations. Encountersnepal.com feels proud on these Sherpa heroes who were able to make history even during a time of pandemic and still able to spread the message that nothing is impossible and we should all stand in unity and equality. This amazing feature helps also to wake up all mountaineers and Himalayan related tourism sectors to take action and promote the amazing Himalayas.