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Eco-Friendly Trekking

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Eco-Friendly Trekking

Eco tourism activities have expanded hugely over the past two decades. It has now become an issue of global proportions with regards to the sensitivity of the environment we move in. ENCOUNTERS NEPAL has stayed the course in the field of eco tourism creating milestones for the development & preservation of natural habitats and its resources. Unlike the others, we inspire and encourage the local people to preserve nature & love the earth they were born into. Our guides are extremely conscious when it comes to protecting the environment in more ways than one.

We have initiated several awareness programs that relate to the importance of eco tourism as noted below:

  • Minimizing negative impacts upon the natural and socio-cultural environment,
  • Generating economic benefits for host communities, organizations and authorities Managing natural areas with conservation purposes,
  • Increasing awareness towards the conservation of natural and cultural assets, both among locals and tourists,
  • Developing the efficiency and fairness of the current concept of protected areas for protection of biological and cultural diversity
  • We are associated with Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP). KEEP is working in the field of environmental protection. KEEP organizes training programs for trekking guides also. Our guides are trained by KEEP which enhances their knowledge to preserve the natural and cultural heritages of areas trekked around