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Dorma-la Pass

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Dorma-la Pass

Mt. Kailash much respected a holy mountains located Far South Western vast plateau of Tibet / China where travel by overland was quite rough and tiring, since last decades the networks of road with smooth highway within Tibet has made the travel much easier and pleasant.
Mt. Kailash Yatra first takes you to visit its scared lake Manasrover a huge lake covers 88 km wide, the name derives from ancient Hindu Sanskrit word as Manas or mind / soul of the god, the area of the lake forms as an eight-petal lotus flower or a Mandala square, with close views of Mt. Kailash that stands high at above 6,714m / 22,028 ft a holy mountain for four great religions Hindu-Buddhist-Jain and ancient pre-Buddhism sect known as Bonpa.
A great journey either one can fly to Lhasa and then drive towards Mt. Kailash and Manasrover Lake or take an overland from Kathmandu, Nepal to reach the border of Nepal and Tibet / China at Kyirong within Langtang Himal region.
Where Mt. Kailash Yatra begins within windswept terrain to reach first at the lake of Manasrover for worship and as well to support acclimatization within high altitude of more than 4,000 m high, from here then ready for walks known as kora in Tibetan or Parikrama and circuit around holy Mt. Kailash that takes you high at Dorma-la pass with glorious scenery of Kailash North Face.
After a holy moment on top head downhill to reach at Darchen town, the start and finishing point of the Kailash Parikrama or circuit, where drive leads you back at Kathmandu on same scenic route after a great journey on Mt. Kailash Yatra.