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Discovery and exploration of the wonders of the Himalayas is on the “bucket list” of many adventure seeking and or nature loving travellers. If you are visiting Nepal, you may also like to combine your journey with a trip to one of the other nearby Himalayan regions or nations.

The beautifully situated main airport of Bhutan at Paro, is just a one hour scenic flight aloft towering snow covered peaks from Kathmandu. With EncountersNepal, you can visit this enchanted, green kingdom, renowned for its philosophy of Gross National Happiness and be assured you will experience the tranquility, the beauty and the Buddhist sense of peace and optimism through your guide, your driver and the calm interplay of landscape, spirituality and the striking local architecture.

You may also wish to see for yourself the sacred monasteries and temples of Tibet. EncountersNepal offers short three or four day trips to Lhasa, the capital city at 3,600 metres altitude and the former home of the Dalai Lama, and the world renowned Potala Palace. If you have sufficient time and wish to explore more of this extraordinary region, then consider a scenic road trip to Darchen at the foot of Mt Kailash and trek the path around this sacred mountain along with many devout Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. You can also experience the moving and unforgettable vistas of the north face base camp of Chongmolongma, which is the Tibetan name for Mt Everest.