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An avalanche hit Khubuche area, near Camp 1 at the height of 5800m, of Mt Everest this morning at 6:30 am , killing at least 11 and 4 missing mountaineers, most of them Sherpas.
Some of the victims have been rescued and brought down to the base camp, and rescue operation is underway.
The avalanche came sweeping from the Khubuche Icefall and hammered over at tents of Sherpas, who were heading to Camp I to ferry logistics and fix ropes for the climbers of different expedition teams.
The site is at an elevation of 5,800 metre, in between the base camp and Camp I.
At least five persons have been rescued alive and are brought to the base camp where they are receiving primary treatment, said Lakpa Sherpa, a local medical staff.

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