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People travel from all over the world to Nepal for its wild yet dazzling mountainous landscapes, its rich and colourful cultural life and for the diversity of activities on offer due to its topography and location in the middle of the Himalayas. Although its geographically a small country at only approximately 148,000 square kilometres, the landscapes vary from arid mountainous deserts, to snowclad majestic peaks, to very green slopes covered in pine forests, rice terraces and orchards, to the much hotter plains in the south. This ensures that a huge variety of activities is available to travellers, so that you are sure to find things to do in Nepal that will lift your spirits, give you an adrenaline rush, calm you and give you a sense of inner peace, keep you fit, challenge you mentally or physically, or make you feel very chilled. The possibilities are diverse and wonderful.

Of course, trekking through the iconic mountain landscapes has been popular with young and older visitors for decades, ever since Nepal was opened to visitors from the outside world. There are grades of trek to suit all ages and levels of fitness. Climbers will also find mountains to challenge and to enchant. Wildlife lovers can go on safari in the lowlands and keep an eye out for a tiger, a leopard and ride an elephant past lumbering white rhinos basking in the sun or in natural pools. Some people have very little time available but wish to get a close view of the high mountain tops and take a mountain flight from Kathmandu to view the nearby renowned peaks. If you wish to do it all in luxury, you can even book your own personalised helicopter tour. The wild rivers that flow down from the peaks offer the opportunity for some exhilarating rafting. If it’s an adrenaline rush that you seek, you can also go bungy jumping not far from the Tibetan border or paragliding off stunning mountain side grasslands near Pokhara. You may wish to be guided around the famous temples, stupas and palaces of the Kathmandu Valley which holds so many wondrous cultural riches.

Whatever your interests, or whatever sparks your curiosity, EncountersNepal can arrange your participation in any of your chosen activities. We can take care of your transport, accommodation and culinary needs while all you have to do is get your gear and get ready for some good times.