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Accolades Don’t Come Easy…


Life is never easy to get what you see above.

It’s been a long tedious journey in life, probably right from the time I saw daylight when I entered the world from my mother’s womb. My education ceased from the Intermediate level after having been born high up in the mountains in the lovely village of Phulkharka at almost 3000m above sea level. These mountains have moved me since then and I’ve never looked back after that. But this wasn’t going to be easy as I thought it would be, but I decided to take the plunge as I was the 3rd eldest in my family and decided to make ‘my own bones’’ in Nepal’s tourism sector.

I began my life in the most difficult profession of tourism – as a porter – where I soon realized this was the most challenging job for any living human, carrying packs of over 40 kgs while climbing the Himalayas of my beautiful country Nepal. But seeing the happiness & love of my clients, I soon discovered a deep love for my profession which elevated to becoming a full fledged guide while escorting my guests through some of the most arduous territory on God’s earth; but I was able to only accomplish this in blood, sweat and tears. My deep love for this trade known as ‘Tourism’’ graduated to my establishing my own company named ‘Encountersnepal.com’, and I had known that this was also not going to be a ‘bed of roses’ for me as my initial experiences soon morphed into a ‘bed of thorns’ as I was not familiar with the tricks of the trade, however, overtime, I learnt the hard way while continuing to serve the tourism industry of Nepal in all spheres of its integrated activities that ranged from discovering new trails to developing isolated communities that needed assistance in dire situations. My company is now well established today and known across the globe for its extraordinary services to guests who have a special love for my country Nepal…

The results of all these trying years was a sweet reward in my being awarded an exceptional Certificate of Honour for serving guests’ diligently and giving them lifetime memories never ever to be forgotten. I would like to thank all my guests’ past, present & future & all my team for this wonderful accolade I have received from the honorable Vice President of Nepal for my hard work which has made me what I am today…

Certificate of Excellence
2013 & 2014



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