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EncountersNepal is a small, very friendly, very welcoming company situated in Thamel, the tourist hub of Kathmandu. We offer Kathmandu City and Valley sightseeing excursions, mountain trekking and climbing expeditions, river rafting , helicopter flights, visits to all the various regions of Nepal, including undertaking wild life safaris in Chitawan National Park in the lowlands. You can even organise travel to neighbouring Himalayan countries and regions with us. Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim or other parts of Northern India are all able to be explored in conjunction with your holiday in Nepal through our extensive travel connections.

We have existed as a successful, personalised travel company since 2004. Come up the stairs, past the locally made necklaces and earrings and bangles on the ground floor at the entrance to the build-ing to our welcoming office on the thrid floor of Building 505 if you happen to be on Thamel Marg, the main street. We are surrounded by bustling shops filled with locally made colourful clothing, jewellery, handicrafts, local tea, coffee and fragrant spices. Whether you already have a clear idea of the adventures you would like to experience in Nepal and/or in the nearby regions, or are seeking advice, guidance and suggestions, then we can have a chat over a cup of tea or a bottle of water and spend some time exploring various appealing options and exciting possibilities. Of course, you can also contact us by phone, email or Facebook to get as much information as you desire from us well before your arrival in Kathmandu. If you have contacted us in advance, then we really look forward to personally welcoming you to Kathmandu and helping you to plan your beautiful and, also even possibly life changing, Himalayan holiday.

Being small does not mean that we are small in our offerings! On the contrary! We have a large team of experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and very importantly, English speaking guides and porters who can escort you on your adventures, show you the path, take the load off your back, chat with you if you are interested in the local customs and culture and point out features of interest along the way. Your safety and your enjoyment are at all times our priority. Our guides are skilled in sensing whether you prefer to think your own thoughts and just enjoy your surroundings as you trek and travel or whether you enjoy a good chat with a local to enrich your journey, or even wheth-er you like a bit of both! They will always respect your wishes with regard to personal communica-tion during your journey. Many travellers think that their interactions with the porters and guides and locals are what make their journey ultimately so enriching, entertaining and memorable. Ask questions. Stop at scenic locations and enjoy a cup of local tea and revive your energy. Hiking, sight seeing, tasting the local dishes, experiencing local festivals and traditions, chatting with local people or other tourists, whatever is your “thing”, your holiday is guaranteed to be a great one.

Get in touch with our experienced, congenial, proprietor, Mr Rishi Prasad Nepal, who has already over 23 years of experience in the travel industry here in Nepal. He has worked as a guide and por-ter on all the main trekking routes in his younger years. Rishi has travelled extensively both within Nepal and the neighbouringregions as well as to many destinations overseas. This endows him with great sensitivity to the varying needs and preferences of his guests. He is centred at all times on their needs and interests. Clients in turn warm to his respect for all people he “encounters” and are further inspired by his own passion for travel. Rishi’s gentle sense of humour and warmth put guests at ease immediately. His love of his country and pride in his culture shine through his sincere discourse and make you immediately want to begin to understand and to share his insights as well as embrace his land. Rishi founded EncountersNepal.com all those years ago when he was only 25, to be able to extend to foreign visitors the opportunity to learn about his homeland, its great mountains and valleys and its richly varied culture. Above all else, Rishi is a great listener who will earnestly endeavour to provide you to the very best of his ability with the kind of travel experience you are seeking.
Encountering Nepal with Rishi Nepal’s skilled and experienced team will form the foundation of lifelong memories and also of an enduring love for this splendidly colourful, welcoming and diverse land.