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4 hours of your time in Helicopter

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4 hours of your time in Helicopter

                                                         Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour
Nepal is globally renowned for its high lands, astonishing view of the mountains and above all; the highest peak of the world, The Mount Everest. Resting 8848m high, a single view of the Mount Everest often leaves people wonderstruck.
People crave to have a single glimpse of how the top of the world looks like. Thus, we are here to make your dream turn into reality.
Stating the facts, it takes 14 long sweaty days for a trekker to reach the Everest Base Camp. Just a thought of struggling and crawling while trekking your way up to view the mountains brings shortness of breath. To save you from those thoughts along with your time and efforts, we present to you Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.
Everest base camp helicopter tour, having invested just 4 hours of your time and minimal efforts, is the best means to view the highest peak of the world including the other chain of mountains without slightest of inconvenience and indeed is one of the most trending helicopter tours from around the globe.
Starting from the domestic terminal of the Tribhuvan International Airport, this lavishing tour takes you to Kalapathar, via Lukla Airport for refueling. Setting off the tour with a good view of the city including its cultural heritages, and then the villages, markets and snow capped mountains lying on the way to our destination; it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Lukla airport and then 20-25 minutes flight to reach Kalapathar, the lap of Mount Everest. Kalapathar, located at a height of 5500m, is in fact the most favorable and accessible place to have the nearest view of the Mount Everest.
Having the perfect view of the Everest including Khumbu Glacier along with more than 20 peaks and mountains; standing tall at the vantage point provides you with a lifetime surreal experience.
Standing 5500m tall during the crack of the dawn with wind blowing your hair and an astounding view of the chain of mountains, surely gives you an undeniably refreshing feeling. Shivering from cold on the outside, while deeply, the heart remains warm and safe, no word could be able to give justice to how one feels.
Followed by a remarkable view of the Everest, fresh breakfast shall await you in the one and only Hotel Everest View, lying at 3800m high and in fact one of the finest world’s highest altitude hotels, offering you with a panoramic view of the Himalayas. A very pure feeling, a feeling that makes you realize that this majestic view is not going to last for a long time and you have to leave shortly, makes you want to soak up everything around you.
This tour ends up in Kathmandu, via Lukla airport again for refueling. Though short, this tour leaves you with 200+ pictures and a remarkable experience with inexpressible feelings to share with your friends and family.
Highlights of the Tour:
• Being the most exquisite tour from around the globe, this tour offers you with a bird’s eye view of the top of the world.

• Enjoy a three-dimensional view of the Kathmandu City and Namche Bazaar.

• Awestruck view of the peaks including Mount Everest, Mount Thamsekru, Mount Amadablam, Mount Nuptse, Gauri Shankar, and the list goes on with a total of 300+ mountains and peaks.

• A plus point of having to view the Sherpa villages and Khumbu glacier from above including clear lakes and rivers provides you with a mind refreshing feeling.

• Touch down the world’s most dangerous airport i.e. Lukla Airport, but with safety.

• Landing at a height of 5500m in just an hour.

• Explore one of the world’s finest high-altitude hotel i.e. Everest View Hotel, providing you with the perfect view of the indisputable beauty; in just a matter of 4 hours.
• Explore the culture of the Himalayan Sherpas living in the region.
Trip Facts:
• Starting point : Kathmandu
• Ending point : Kathmandu
• Landing : -Kathmandu
-Kalapathar 5500m high
• Breakfast : Everest View Hotel

Why Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?
For those of you who want to travel the world, especially the top of the world, but do not have enough time out of your busy schedule, we got you covered! Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the best alternative to trekking your way up, facilitating those who cannot walk for 14 long days. Stating the facts, this helicopter tour flies from a comparatively low altitude than other flights which provides you with a close view of the mountains without missing a single part. Providing you with the aerial view of the best of Himalayas, the tour attracts numerous visitors every year.
• Hotel to Tribhuvan International Airport:
With a representative sent to pick you up from your hotel and drop you to the domestic terminal of the Tribhuvan International Airport, the tour begins early in the morning around 6:30.

• Kathmandu to Lukla Airport:
The helicopter firstly lands in the Lukla Airport, a gateway to the Everest Base camp, after approximately 45 minutes of flight. With a few minutes of refreshing air and the tank filled up by the pilot, you are good to go.

• Lukla Airport to Kalapathar:
After a good 20-25 minutes of aerially admiring the beauty that the Himalayas have to offer, the helicopter lands in Kalapathar. Because of the possible problem of altitude sickness, only 5-10 minutes shall be provided to enjoy the view of the Mount Everest along with other glaciers and mountains.

• Kalapathar to Everest View Hotel:
After spending some time in Kalapathar, the helicopter takes you to Everest View Hotel for a good breakfast with a majestic view.

• Everest View Hotel to Lukla Airport:
In order to refuel, the pilot shall land the flight to Lukla Airport for some time being.

• Lukla Airport to Tribhuvan International Airport:
After a good 20-25 minutes, you shall touchdown Kathmandu, heading towards the end of the tour.

• Tribhuvan International Airport to Hotel:
A representative shall drop you off at your hotel safely after the tour.

Witnessing the heights of the Himalayas feeling completely safe is something that we are here for. Providing you with a reasonable price and assuring a worthwhile experience; we are here to manage everything for you, from experienced pilot to an experienced guide, your safety is our priority. Just a click away, EncountersNepal is here to facilitate your trip.