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Welcome to Nepal…Land of the rising sun where nature talks to you!!!
Nepal is a landlocked country with its ancient history as old as the sun, and vibrant cultures along with the scenic majesty of its beautiful Himalayas. The fresh mountain winds where the prayer flags flutter across the sky whispering odes of prayers to the departed and Sherpas still work the mountain trails, listen to the tranquil sounds on the mountains through Buddhist mantras – something which resounds Nepal’s popularity. Our beautiful country Nepal sets our emotional feelings on overdrive, we are pleased to welcome you as we’ve been operating adventure programs and cultural tours for over two decades. your safety and security is important for us, just as much as we respect and love, we would be grateful to escort you throughout your journeys to any of the famous circuits on our trailblazing Himalayas, hike into our wonderful rhododendron forests of the Annapurnas, watch rhinos through the humid jungles of Chitwan or relish our highly popular momos in the maze - like streets of Thamel, Whatever venture you make a choice off, we promise you thrilling experiences of the kind you’ve never known before. It will be etched in your heart for a lifetime…

Nepal, the land with eight of the top ten highest summits in the world, is one of the hottest destinations for full blown adventures anywhere on planet earth. When you plan to hike through the mountains, the whiff of the ‘Himalayas’ and the pungent smell of its earth drives you straightway when heading to Nepal. The stunning mountains and unexplored nature fascinates you along with our naturally beautiful geography which makes your journey to the Himalayas remarkable. The rocky terrain, rich green forests with immense flora and fauna and evergreen meadows makes your days extraordinary as you spend your time through the wonders of Mother Nature in a union of its own. The warm and heartfelt hospitality of local people living a simple and conventional life at lovely countryside villages with their natural smiles makes you feel so much at home so far away from your original home. Furthermore, at a unique vantage point, the panoramic view of the Himalayas creates a story of an unforgettable odyssey you’ve probably experienced for the first time in all of your life.

After your trekking, the ancient capital of Kathmandu fascinates you with many offers which you find fulfilling. You can massage your weary body at a quiet secluded spa, rejuvenate with yoga to revitalize the body or simply lay back in your hotel or simply gaze at the mountains right from the balcony of the hotel along with some chilled beers to reflect your recently completed trip. This is all what Nepal offers you. The world beyond your imagination and expectation, just think of the hypnotizing snow-capped mountains just in front of your eyes, thrilling and thriving trails through the remote Himalayas so far away from the civilized world it all started from… this is a holiday that’s so much like a retreat which helps you discover your destiny.

Most of the awesome mountains of our country are the world’s most famous mountain regions ever known. The most fascinating natural landscapes, warm and verdant vegetation, highest altitudes on earth and rugged trails are all a combo to make Nepal a real Shangri-La for daring trekkers with a thirst for the unknown. Along with the magnificent natural beauty, Nepal embraces the depth of spirituality as you clamber up to the top of the world, raft down intense milky water rapids or just simply meditate on the mores of life. Nepal is a rich mixture of diverse local communities; people enjoy life despite a sense of purpose while living on the edge…this is Nepal for you… The ways of life down here are balanced with the high altitudes, tough work and an abundance of social festivities that occur throughout the year. The breathtaking mountains found everywhere in the nation always makes us proud of our unique blessed geography. Nepal is rich in its cultural diversity despite being a poor country where religious tolerance and concord are the norm in every stratum of Nepalese lifestyles. People believe in traditions and faiths which has made Nepal known for its own hospitality.

People hereabouts of diverse ethnic groups live in peaceful harmony with one another, all with their dissimilar social identities and cultural analogies. The authentic insight into this mesmerizing world of the Himalayas is a thanksgiving to you with extending warmth and respect from the top of the world. EncountersNepal.com is always there for you to show you the world’s one and only Paradise of Nature…whether you trek in Nepal or cross over the borders to Tibet or Bhutan, discover your own world, your own mojo and relate to the differences that come about in your life when you plan your dream vacation with Encountersnepal.com – a game changer for knowing the better world…

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